Altera DevOps: Corporate Web Server Management App
About the project:

This DevOps tool eliminated corporate website downtime due to human error - a crucial 15% reduction! It also reduced time & effort spent by Online Marketing group on server management by over 1200%!
(Previously, 4 different config files on 3 different servers - 12 files total - would need to be hand-edited, manually verified, and manually uploaded to the proper servers, one at a time. Then, each server would need to be manually restarted to load the new changes.)

Allows team's developers and non-programmers to update important configuration files on various Altera private (development) and public (production) web servers via a simple web interface. Changes are verified in a safe, virtual environment before touching the official server files. Then, the config files on multiple development and production servers are updated and reloaded with the verified changes applied, all with a couple mouse clicks. A log of which users made which changes is created, with hooks to automate backing out of these changes in case of problems.

Technology used:

Java, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Apache web server, on Unix & Windows platforms - with integrated help and documentation for both users and developers.

This tool was my idea: The team had suffered with this problem for years, since nobody believed a tool like this was technically feasible within the existing infrastructure (let alone safe). As such, it required diligent evangelizing with management for the project's approval, as well as some innovative technical back-flips.