Altera Online Marketing: Corporate Website Redesign
About the project:

Development, deployment, and management of separate websites for US, Japan and China, as well as secure and non-secure domains for each of those sites (6 total sites, each with hundreds of thousands of users per day - ie, ~1 million total hits daily!)

Each site featured geo-specific videos by location of country or groups of countries (eg, European-only countries), integrated podcasts and press releases as animated news feeds, social media, etc. State-of-the-art at that time, these features exceeded internal- and customer- generated targets for customer support and satisfaction, and modernized Altera's web presence and services.

Technology used:

End-to-end development in Java, JavaScript, Perl, Flash, HTML/CSS on Unix & Windows platforms. Significant back-end, infrastructure programming (Perl, Java) to interface with existing Content Management System (CMS) and other internal legacy processes, and provide a smooth and flexible path for robust upward expansion.