Yahoo! Front Page/ International: Advanced Content Management App for Yahoo! Home Pages World-wide
About the project:

Breakthrough Technology: First time in Yahoo! history that non-technical creatives can modify the extremely technologically-complex US Front Page at (most trafficked page on the internet at that time)! Enables select employees and partners to easily create and deploy secure, reliable content modules (including variable/ streaming content via an RSS feed) for any Yahoo! Home Page (Autos, Music, etc), in any country.

Upon completion, this internal tool was also already planned for use by Yahoo!'s Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, and Telemundo Front Page teams, as well as by other groups with pages subordinate to both the US Front Page and some of the foreign Yahoo! Front Pages.

This Web App was hand-coded from start to finish. It has a built-in, real-time preview system to show both the module being developed, as well as to show how the updated Front Page (eg, at will look when the new module is added. An integrated Help/FAQ system is also built in.

Technology used:

Object-Oriented PHP, Object-Oriented JavaScript, AJAX/JSON, MySQL DBs, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) open-source JavaScript and CSS libraries, XHTML/CSS, and XML/XSLT templates on Unix/Linux/CVS platforms

Features highlighted here are now standard (eg, ORM, Templating, GUI-driven, WSIWYG Website Content Design and Management System for non-tech creatives, including live previews created by fetching/parsing the code from the existing web page). Obviously, the state-of-the-art is a moving target. Since these were novel ideas at the time, however, I believe this demonstrates the perspicacity I'd bring to tech decisions for your projects.