Facebook-like Social Networking Web App for Teens
About the project:

Finding Favorites was the dream and vision of a high school student, who drove the specifications of the functionality, design and color scheme. Together, we created a fun and highly-secure social networking web application that allowed her and her classmates to connect around their favorite things (favorite music, foods, hobbies, etc) and interact privately online. The project was funded by her parents, who hired me to develop the site and work with her directly (so she could learn how websites and web applications function and come into being).

The application was integrated with Facebook (allowing registration and login via Facebook account), and functioned similarly to Facebook. It included a private administration web app functionality that allowed for suspending or deleting users, direct addition/modification of different favorites and categories of favorites, etc.

Unfortunately, the work we did on that site - and the extensive database of users and favorites they built over the years it was in use - has been lost. However, knowing Facebook, you can easily imagine how it worked. You can still see a bit of what the site looked like in the screen capture image (shows how login-by-facebook option popped up registered facebook users live as one typed the username; blurred for privacy).

Technology used:

Object-Oriented PHP and AJAX/JavaScript/jQuery, ORM/MySQL DB, MVC, Responsive HTML/CSS UI, and a lot of coded security measures on a Unix platform