Front-End SmartMeter Data Web App
About the project:

Coded in a couple days: As part of the interview process, a Smart Grid company gave me 2 months of Smart Meter Data and asked me to write a web application to display their data in a way that would be intuitive for their customers, in any browser. It was a "take home" project, for which they gave me a couple days to complete.

The "Info" button in the App gives access to my code, a Code Critique from the interviewer, and further App Details.

Technology used:

Responsive UI Design, Object-Oriented JavaScript (hand-coded, un-minimized and commented by request), JSON, jQuery, Responsive HTML/CSS

Features highlighted here are now standard (eg, Responsive Design, dynamic DOM modification, graphical analytics dashboard that responds live to mouse input, in-place text & graphical updates without page reload). Obviously, the state-of-the-art is a moving target. Since these were novel ideas at the time, however, I believe this demonstrates the perspicacity I'd bring to tech decisions for your projects.