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This portfolio's one of a few shelter-in-place projects I coded in Python. It's a work-in-progress (more projects to be added soon!) that utilizes the Django MVC-like framework and the Bootstrap responsive design CSS framework.
screenshot of The DORC project

One of the personal projects I coded in Python programing language during shelter-in-place. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "I made a new friend!" ;-) The Digital ORaCle (DORC) takes typed or spoken questions, does web scraping to answer, and speaks back utilizing any of …

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screenshot of Front-End SmartMeter Data Web App project
Front-End SmartMeter Data Web App

Coded in a couple days: As part of the interview process, a Smart Grid company gave me 2 months of Smart Meter Data and asked me to write a web application to display their data in a way that would be intuitive for their customers, …

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screenshot of Back-End Web Search App project
Back-End Web Search App

Coded in a few hours: Back-end Web Application to demonstrate solid, "production-ready" software engineering practices (well-structured, maintainable, modular, secure, and well-commented code)

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Select Proprietary Projects
screenshot of Altera Corporate Website Redesign project
Altera Corporate Website Redesign

Development and management of separate websites for US, Japan and China, as well as secure and non-secure domains for each of those sites (6 total sites, each with hundreds of thousands of users per day). Each site featured geo-specific videos by location of country or …

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screenshot of Yahoo! Front Page project
Yahoo! Front Page

Non-tech creatives who don't necessarily know HTML, CSS, etc. (both internal employees and chosen vendors) used this application to create content modules for use on Yahoo!'s US Front Page -- the most trafficked page on the internet at that time.

This Web App …

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screenshot of Altera DevOps: Corporate Web Server Management App project
Altera DevOps: Corporate Web Server Management App

Allows team's developers and non-programmers to update important configuration files on various Altera private (development) and public (production) web servers via a simple web interface. Changes are verified in a safe, virtual environment before touching the official server files. Then, the config files on multiple …

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